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£69 /month per festival

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between `Map Your Event` and `Find Your Event` ?

Map your Event is the name of the What is the web-based admin app which allows festival organisers to record their festival information.
Find Your Event is the mobile app which is used by end users to see the published festival information.

Can I upgrade and downgrade my subscription plan ?

Yes, you can upgrade and downgrade your subscription plan at any time.
Due to the limits on the number of published festivals, downgrading a plan will set all of your festivals to “UNPUBLISHED”.

What does “PUBLISHED festival” limit mean?

When you first create a festival in Map Your Event the festival is UNPUBLISHED meaning that the festival is not visible to users of the mobile app Find Your Event.
This means that you can create the next festival within the system whilst your current festival is published. Once the first festival has completed. You can UNPUBLISH it and PUBLISH the new festival.

All plans including the free plan, are provided with 1 Published festival slot.
With the Essential Plan you can purchase Additional Published Festival Slots.
The Premium Plan allows an unlimited number of published festivals.

How does the Live Map work ?

The live Map is created using Google My Maps. This is a free too for creating custom Maps. It works in much the same way as the Standard Google Maps so should be easy to use.
You can create as many pin points and areas as you like.
Once you have created your map, you need to export it to a file using the “export to KML/KMZ” option.
The file can then be imported into Map Your Event.

My Festival already appears in Map Your Event

Festivals can be registered with Map Your Event by anyone with the festival information.
If you are the official organiser of the festival, you should in the first instance contact the current user using the contact form in the app to request that the festival is tranferred to you. If this does nt happen you can `Claim` the festival by submitting a claim through the Find Your Event website.